Wedad Al Bakr | And another in the hands of a lover
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And another in the hands of a lover

She asked: Who deserves my madness?  And still, she waits for an answer…

A woman between the sun and the moon, between happiness and sorrow, between occasional laughter and bewilderment, between love and emptiness and between disappointment and success. A woman hovering between logic and sobriety sometimes and madness most of the times, lying between dancing and stillness.
A woman in the midst of scenes.

She does not walk against any current, she does not defy, because she herself is a current of contradictions.
This woman is everywhere with no boundaries, identities or labels.
The Arabic phrase “and another in the hands of a lover” is inscribed by the talented calligrapher Abderrazak Hamouda.

The paintings of “and another in the hands of a lover” are gateways to emotions, sensations, and various situations. From the kingdom of margins and its throne, to the no dialogue, to stories of the walls and finally to the Caramel collection.
Pastel, charcoal, acrylic, gold leaves and Ebru paper all had their share in my paintings’ stories.


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