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142 x 30


My only Throne is the Margins

I began drawing this collection using charcoal without a specific plan or aim. Formless shapes without meaning appeared in the beginning, and something inside me pushed me to continue. I observed these shapes until the characters of the kingdom emerged out of the faint shadows, prompting me to rush to the canvases to emphasize their edges before they faded away. The characters of the kingdom continued to take shape until the Queen of the Margins appeared, standing tall and strong, wearing a joyful facade to hide what’s in her heart. These are the Queen’s people and their various states; some are sad, others hopeful, happy, resentful, loving, envious.. and there among them is Um Kulthoom singing the story of love. In this collection I decided to paint on unprimed canvas, specifically, on the ends of the canvas roll where the edges appeared obvious to match with the core of my theme; margins, edges, and boundaries.

Why in black and white?

I had no choice. The simplicity of a monochromatic color scheme imposed itself on me. It offered me power and stability and compelled me to forget other colors. I loved the experience. I delved into its details and explored what lay behind my brush strokes until the collection was complete and became a reflection of the process and its story.

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